The Cavalier Restaurant SoMa Jennifer Puccio | Tasting Table San Francisco

The Cavalier in SoMa extends its Anglophilia to the morning meal

We live in the land of yogurt and granola breakfasts. Scone-and-latte mornings.

But some days, you just want to eat at 8 a.m. and not think about food until 12 hours later.

After some inspirational meals at The Wolseley in London, The Cavalier's owners, Anna Weinberg and James Nicholas, and chef Jennifer Puccio decided to add a proper English breakfast ($18) to their daytime menu, which launched October 1. "I think we've gotten close," Puccio says of the results.

The full English breakfast

This is the groaning board of morning meals: two eggs, poached or sunny-side up; four slices of thick-cut bacon from Nueske's; roasted tomatoes; and one fat, sage-scented banger, which we dispatched rather quickly.

Of course, this being San Francisco, sautéed oyster mushrooms replace the Heinz baked beans and the thick-cut slices of toast are made with Josey Baker's naturally leavened Pullman loaf. The cooks do fry the bread on the griddle with the bacon, however.

You're not obliged to go full on. The breakfast menu lists crumpets, bacon sandwiches and even a bowl of yogurt with granola.

If you order the latter, though, count on eating lunch.