Blue Hill Savory Yogurts | Tasting Table NYC

Blue Hill's new savory yogurts are genius come dinner

No matter how off-the-wall a food may sound, if Dan Barber is behind it, there's a 99.99 percent chance you'll like it.

A perfect example of our completely scientific percentage-making: Barber's new 100 percent grass-fed Blue Hill yogurts ($3 for six ounces) spiked with tomato, beet, butternut squash or carrot.

The yogurt project is spearheaded by chef Adam Kaye, a 13-year Blue Hill vet: "I love the culinary possibilities that the yogurts offer. They are equally at home in savory or sweet preparations–whether a roasted beet salad or a squash panna cotta."

The yogurts, from top to bottom: Beet, butternut squash and tomato

We'd happily dig into a bowl of squash yogurt layered with Early Bird Granola for breakfast any day of the week.

But to Kaye's point, the beautifully tinged yogurts offer a myriad of simple dinnertime possibilities. And with that we set our Test Kitchen to work on a few effortless combinations. Here's what they came up with:

1. A bag of spinach plus a pack of bacon and the tomato yogurt equals a spinach-bacon salad with tomato vinaigrette.

2. Toast is transformed with a layer of roasted squash, a scattering of pistachios and a swipe of the squash yogurt.

3. Dip frozen sweet potato fries into a Sriracha-beet yogurt mash-up.     

4. Redeem leftover takeout rice with fried onions, pickled chiles and carrot yogurt (see the recipe).

Find Blue Hill Yogurt at 12 Whole Foods Market locations in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island (click here for a map of stores), and soon in Whole Foods Markets throughout New Jersey and Connecticut.