5oz. Factory In Greenwich Village

The classic Midwest dessert has arrived at 5oz. Factory in Greenwich Village

New Yorkers seeking cold comfort have a mind-boggling range of artisanal gelato joints and DIY fro-yo mix-in shops to choose from. What we don't have much of is custard. Specifically, that super-dense Wisconsin speciality, soft-serve frozen custard.

Until now. 

Here to correct this oversight and lead us into the promised land of creamy, dreamy, dairy heaven comes Milwaukee native Dan Schuman, owner of Greenwich Village's new 5oz. Factory.

The storefront on W. 8th Street

Schuman is to-the-decimal point specific about what separates frozen custard from its frozen treat brethren: "Legally, custard must contain 1.4 percent egg yolk and 10 percent butter fat to be called custard."

Growing up in Wisconsin, Schuman says, "Custard was the snack after the youth baseball game, it was a Sunday night treat, it was even something you could pick up at a gas station."

Dense chocolate | Wisco pride

But nine years living in the city left Schuman with an itch that no New York dairy confection could scratch. His four flavors of custard (vanilla, chocolate, espresso and caramel), made with 100 percent Wisconsin dairy, are the sweet remedy ($4.75 for 5 oz.).

Dispensed fresh from soft-serve-style machines, the custard is silky-rich and dense like spackle (there's less air in custard than in hard ice cream). It goes down nicely when sprinkled with a cornucopia of toppings (sea salt, buttered brioche croutons), or spun simply into a malted shake ($7).

Partner Angela Kuzma | The "From WI to NY With Love" bratwurst sandwich

The menu's dairy love doesn't stop with custard: Wisconsin cheeses are layered into seven different sandwich melts, such as the "From WI to NY With Love" ($12.50), which includes a beer-soaked bratwurst, sauerkraut, mustard and two types of cheddar served on a hollowed out crusty roll.

But really, there's nothing stopping you from eating dessert first.

The gluten-free Tri Colore | A happy customer