Nourish Kitchen In The West Village

Nourish Kitchen + Table bridges the healthy-delicious gap

Marissa Lippert gives nutritionists a good name.

Her new Nourish Kitchen + Table in the West Village has us running to embrace the shop's delicious yet healthful food–instead of fleeing from the usual set of rules, restrictions and calorie counts.

And that's just the way she wanted it.

Employee Cecelia Bye | Goods available for purchase

The inviting jewelbox of a storefront has been percolating in Lippert's mind for more than five years. Trips to the Mexican coast, Parisian boutiques and Yottam Ottolenghi's glorified deli in London provided inspiration. You'll see the influence in the gorgeous design, as well as in dishes like black quinoa with Feta and English peas ($5).

Pick up a scone with dried cherries ($4), cracked pepper and fennel; sit down for a quick lunch with real plates and napkins (alternatively, take it to-go from the counter); or swing by around dinnertime for a preordered roast chicken ($22) and fruit tart ($36).

Customer Charles Turner | Employee Allegra Ben-Amotz

One inspired touch: Subtle rosewater runs through a smattering of the shop's dishes. See if you can pick it up in the rainbow spirals of the watermelon radish salad ($5), the rose curd of the peach-plum kuchen with a coconut crust ($5), or the sparkling rose syrup refresher ($3.50).

The space, like the food, has an energy that is beautiful, warm and beckoning. "Just like any meal should be," says Lippert.