Sopressata At Black Hogg

A winning Italian sub at Black Hogg's Sopressata

Man cannot live on popcorn bacon alone.

So when Silver Lake gastropub Black Hogg launched lunch service earlier this month, chef Eric Park chose to forgo his ridiculously rich dinnertime dishes, such as buttered uni toast, roast lamb belly and the aforementioned deep-fried popcorn bacon, in favor of something much humbler: the submarine sandwich.

The result was Sopressata at Black Hogg, a no-frills deli counter serving eight varieties of baguette sandwiches stuffed with imported cured meats and cheeses–just the thing we're craving come lunchtime.

Park is no stranger to the hoagie: He operated a Togo's franchise for several years before attending culinary school. The carefully sourced subs at Sopressata though, exceed any nearby competition.

"We want to serve the kind of sandwiches we eat in the kitchen: simple but made with really good ingredients," says general manager Jonathan Kim.

The "#88 Italian Meats" ($8) is the menu's crowning achievement, combining a thick stack of Molinari sopressata, Beretta hot coppa and San Daniele mortadella with garlicky marinated artichokes, red onion, arugula and a tangy drizzle of aged balsamic.

Sopressata's sandwiches can be eaten inside the dining room, with full access to Black Hogg's wine and beer list, or wrapped in paper for a take-out picnic.

It's perfect for those days when the best lunch is the simplest one.