Get Your Michy's Fried Chicken Fix At Sunday Brunch

Get your Michy's fried chicken fix at Sunday brunch

For years, Michelle Bernstein has served her fried chicken at Michy's during all-you-can-eat bacchanals on summer Wednesdays.

Now the bronzed bird appears in a new form on her brand-new Sunday brunch menu: that is, as the companion to waffles ($18).

A crisp coating envelopes tender breast meat. Her secret? Bernstein is cagey: "Cook at a low temperature for a long time and a high temperature for a short time." Puffy buttermilk waffles, doused in maple syrup and gravy, temper the assertively salted chicken skin.

Other dishes that migrated from Bernstein's dinner menu, like Gorgonzola-and-Serrano-ham croquetas ($10), stand up to the light of day. Likewise, she transfers her polenta-making skills to brunch, serving a superlative version of shrimp and grits ($15). We were smitten by a version pairing a grilled prawn with smaller tempura-fried shrimp, all soaked in an orange-scented white wine sauce.

The brunch menu seems to be evolving, seeing as some dishes we tried one weekend had already morphed by the next.

But we're not complaining. It gives us yet another reason to slide into one of the restaurant's vivid orange banquettes.