Banish The Heat With These Frozen Treats

Banish the heat with these frozen treats

It's going to be November before you can enter a parked car without the threat of heat stroke. The icy silver lining: Frosty treats and frothy beer milkshakes are a billion times more satisfying when they provide a momentary respite from the heat. Chill out with our favorites.

Elote Paleta We love corn on a stick in all of its incarnations at the new Huahua's Taqueria in South Beach, especially the creamy pop speckled with sweet kernels, offered on the rotating menu of paletas.
Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Azucar Ice Cream Company's guava-based Abuela Maria ice cream is deservedly legendary. But this summer, we're craving the newer banana flavor, studded with tiny, semisweet chocolate chips.

Peanut Brittle-and-Honey Sundae Follow weekend brunch at the Fort Lauderdale waterfront's Steak 954 with a selection from the new "Ice Cream Shoppe" menu. In our favorite sundae, supremely bittersweet chocolate sauce tempers the almost over-the-edge sweetness of peanut-brittle clusters and honey ice cream.
Coconut-Lime Pop We picked up this PopNature treat at The Standard's tiny snack shop. The vegan pop is heady with the taste of coconut milk–as opposed to that canned "suntan lotion" flavor–with biting contrast from lime and chile powder. Here's to some things in Miami remaining, shall we say, unenhanced.
Frosted Lemonade After 35 years, the A.C.'s Icees truck in Coconut Grove's Kennedy Park still draws a crowd. Why, you ask? A.C. Cohen's tart, feathery frozen lemonade is like a full-body blast from one of those outdoor water misters.
Guava-Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwich We dream of Quarterman's ice cream sandwich. The cheesecake crumbles in the guava ice cream are more crust than cake, lending a mellow graham-cracker flavor. It's all generously packed between thin slices of semi-frozen pound cake.
Arroz con Leche Paleta Pile into a car and drive to Homestead's La Michoacana for a paleta tasting. The Chavez brothers make a wild array of flavors daily, including arroz con leche, a.k.a. rice pudding, in lush, cinnamon-dappled pop form.
Beer Milkshake Whenever we head to Key West for the weekend, we stop at Islamorada's M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom for excellent burgers and beer milkshakes. Skeptical traveling companions are always convinced by a beguiling combination of Nutella ice cream and Wells Banana Bread Beer, served in a frosty mug.