The Nosh, A Weekly Food Fest In Wicker Park

Thank you, The Nosh, for making each Saturday more delicious.

Chicago's new weekly food festival is inspired by New York's greatest edible events: Smorgasburg, New Amsterdam Market and Hester St. Fair. Founder Alan Kannof relocated from New York earlier this year to launch the weekly Wicker Park gathering of 20 food trucks, restaurants, and small-batch producers of hot sauce, ice cream and sweets.

Visit The Nosh outdoors, in the parking lot of the A.N. Pritzker School, until cold weather comes (Kannof is searching for an indoor location). Keep an eye out for these highlights in the lively and ever-changing lineup of lobster rolls, hot sauce, sausages, tamales and the like:

Eastman Egg Company, a new purveyor of egg-centric breakfast sandwiches, loads Labriola English muffins with local farm eggs, ham, cheese, sweet chile sauce and cucumber ($6).

Fried chicken, tomato-cucumber salad and a fried egg top Pecking Order's salty, savory garlic rice ($8).

Johnny Casserole's French toast channels bread pudding, with brown sugar, walnuts and custard ($5). Eat it hot on-site, or take a variety of sweet and savory cold casseroles home for dinner.

Snack on Paulina Meat Market "meat chips," coins of dried summer sausage ($3), while considering its cheddar bratwurst sliders ($3).

The summer offerings from Karl's Craft Soup are cold, light and brightly flavored. Try herb-flecked gazpacho ($6), or verdant pea soup with tarragon and mint ($6).