Shaking Beef At New Vietnamese Restaurants

Make this quick Vietnamese stir-fry tonight, or head out for an inspired variation

Shaking beef has more going for it than a name that's fun to say. (But it is fun: shaking beef, shaking beef.)

With minimal prep time, straight-up flavors, and a fast and fiery cooking method, it's exactly the kind of instant-gratification food we want to be making and eating all summer.

Henry Trieu of Brooklyn's Falansai learned his take on the shake from the master, family friend and Vietnamese cooking icon Charles Phan. Try Trieu's shaking beef (see the recipe here), or keep an eye out for the dish on some our favorite Vietnamese-inspired menus.

To experience shaking beef in sandwich form, head to San Francisco mini-chain Dinosaurs, which opened up its third location in May, where quick-fired beef chunks replace traditional pâté in their banh mis.

At Mot Hai Bai in Dallas, Colleen O'Hare and Jeana Johnson do a version with beef tenderloin and a sprinkling of sliced red onions.

Try bo ne, the French-influenced cousin of shaking beef, at Connie Tran's buzzy Los Angeles brunch pop-up, BEP Kitchen. She slides an egg on top of grilled skirt steak for breakfast, proving that it's never too early to eat shaking beef.