My Tofu House San Francisco - Classic Tables

Burning its way into hearts and stomachs for a decade

My Tofu House has kept much the same menu as it did when it opened 11 years ago: multiple varieties of grilled meats, savory pancakes, bibimbap and soondubu, or soft tofu stews.

The choice of what to order is easy: anything served in a bowl you shouldn't touch.

Take the beef bibimbap ($15), a garden of vegetables, marinated meat and a plump, uncooked egg yolk arrayed in a stone bowl that hisses and sizzles as it sits.

We like to stir a quarter-cup of chile paste into the mix, then let it sit for five minutes while we distract ourselves with the kimchi, pickled cucumbers and a small fried fish served on the side. The shell of crisped rice that forms along the sides of the bowl is the reward for our patience.

When the combination soft tofu stew ($12) arrives, beef, clams and shrimp roll and jump in a crimson broth that boils over the sides of the bowl. The soup is equally hot, in Scoville terms, the burn marginally offset by clouds of soft, house-made tofu.

Not to mention massive quantities of white rice–cooked in a stone bowl, of course.