Ink.sack's New Line Of Breakfast Sandwiches After 11am

Voltaggio's Ink.sack serves up stellar breakfast sandwiches

There are benefits to oversleeping your alarm clock, despite what your boss may tell you.

At Michael Voltaggio's Ink.sack, one of our favorite takeout sandwich shops in the city, doing so means encountering a new lineup of breakfast sandwiches, served all day starting at 11 a.m.

On those days when a juice cleanse or bran muffin won't cut it, Voltaggio's fried-egg-filled sandwiches are exactly what we need. From the Ham, Egg and Cheese ($6), made with cured ham and Manchego, to the juicy Corned Beef and Egg ($6), stuffed with Swiss, cabbage and crushed potato chips, Ink.sack has taken the slutty bodega-store breakfast and enhanced it with precision cooking and house-made ingredients.

The sandwiches are a terrific hangover cure, too–just ask the line cooks at Ink., a few doors over.

We're especially smitten with the gravlax sandwich ($8), which combines cured salmon, pickled onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and creamy "everything bagel" spread on a soft ciabatta roll. For ex-New Yorkers (or fans of the show Louie), it might be the closest local approximation of Russ & Daughters' famous lox and bagel.

Cheers to Voltaggio: Even in the midst of running a highly decorated high-end restaurant, he's still thinking about us 9-to-5ers.