Bunn And Daheen Wang Mandoo Bring Buns Back

Wang mandu, we're looking at you.

For too long, these behemoth buns with delicate pinched ruffles have been overshadowed by the ubiquitous split pork-belly bao, à la Momofuku and Baohaus.

Two new spots in Koreatown are primed to change that, ushering in a reign of these gut-busting snacks.

Bunn: With a street-side spot in Food Gallery 32, Bunn is ideal for a quick snack fly-by. Puffy and sized like a weightlifter's fist, the crunchy kimchi bun is plump and zippy with flavor. At $2.50 each, one bun quells hunger pains, and two are more than a meal.

Daheen Wang Mandoo: A sister spot to the original Flushing restaurant, the steamed house classic buns ($2) here are packed with a mix of spicy ground pork, glass noodles and minced scallions. The sweet red bean ($2) version is a swell alternative to an afternoon cookie. If you still have room, grab a paper "kup" of mouth-burningly spicy rice cakes ($3).