Joe's Pizza Opens Second Location In NYC

37 years of excellent pizza, and now a new location too

You'd be hard-pressed to find a slice more quintessentially New York than the one at Joe's Pizza.

So thankfully, there's now twice as much Joe's available in Manhattan.

After 37 years as a family-owned Greenwich Village institution, a second Joe's has opened just off Union Square.

Using the same recipe since the Village restaurant opened in 1975, this slice ($2.75) hits an acme of flavor, price and perfection. So much so that this pizza sweet spot burns with the golden haze of nostalgia.

It's not a cheapo $1 jumbo triangle, nor is it a pie you wait two hours in line to eat. As it says on Joe's website, "No string-bean, asparagus-covered, wild-turkey-surprise pizza here."

A paper-plated slice from Joe's is exactly what we always seem to need. There's the flexible crust with puffed blisters and a wash of char on the bottom. On top, a lick of tomato sauce, sweet and bright, and the simplicity of just enough mozzarella.

For those who think nothing could emulate the original, know that for the new location Joe Jr. and his nephew Sal hunted down the same now-out-of-production ovens used at the original Carmine Street location.