Wolvesmouth Chef's Stocked Kitchen - L.A.

Peering into the kitchen, and mind, of the Wolvesmouth chef

Unlike many of the chefs in our Fridge Files feature, Craig Thornton's home pantry is packed to the gills–all day, every day.

Thornton is the mastermind behind Wolvesmouth, an underground supper club he runs out of his apartment which rose to national prominence thanks to a New Yorker profile late last year.

Plans are underway in the next few months to expand Wolvesmouth into an art gallery/kitchen space in Downtown's Historic Core, which will also house Thornton's new lunchtime take-out counter called Prowl. 

But for now, several nights a week, Thornton and the Wolvesmouth crew take over the kitchen in his Downtown loft and transform ingredients culled from local farmers, butchers and seafood merchants.

The result is a creative multicourse meal served to 15 to 20 guests seated around a long dining room table. As those who've attended can attest, these dinners are decidedly unique experience.

But what's life like in between? We talked to Thornton about the challenges–and pleasures–of having your work and living spaces combined into one.

View our slide show to see more. Hint: It involves root beer, dill-pickle chips and high-end cheesesteaks.

More information at wolvesmouth.com