Nish Nush's Delicious Falafel In Tribeca

We're practically wedded to the fine falafel at Taïm's Nolita and West Village locations.

We are also smitten with Kulushkät Gourmet Falafel, tucked in the shadow of Barclays Center.

So we were surprised when Tribeca's new, industrial-chic Nish Nush created more chickpea ardor in our falafel-besotted hearts.

The plating, done on china, is thoughtful, and flavor-packed falafels (sandwiches, $5 to $8; platters, $7 to $11) come loaded with red cabbage and bunkered in gold-rimmed woven baskets. Alongside, there's skhug–the kicky salsa verde of the Middle East. Hummus ($7 to $9) is garnished with a flurry of parsley and a deep well of olive oil.

The maza (or small dish) section is a vegetable gold mine. Cauliflower ($5) is burnished into the sweetest version of itself, and matbucha ($5) is a roasted tomato-and-red-pepper "salad" that is also an apt topping for anything on your tray. 

The care with the food here belies the price: Downtown workers zoom in and out, and $10 will fill you comfortably. Of course, takeout and free delivery, from Battery Park to Canal Street and the West Side Highway to Centre Street, are both available.

More really is more.