Argyle Street Secrets Revealed By Chefs | Chicago

Go beyond pho with these chefs' favorites

Put down the pho spoon and save the banh mi for another day. Follow the lead of three chefs, and taste the Argyle area's unsung treasures.

Thai Pastry's Pork Shank: Erling Wu-Bower of Avec turned us onto this Thai restaurant's whole, skin-on pork shank ($11), braised until the meat slips from the bone. It's finished in the oven to order, so expect to wait at least half an hour for the flavorful shank–served with sweet, fragrant star anise broth–to appear on the table. 4925 Unit E. N. Broadway; 773-784-5399 or

Tank Noodle's Clay Pot Catfish: Kristine Subido of Pecking Order ranks this steaming pot of catfish and scallions ($15), in a savory fish sauce caramel, high among her comfort-food favorites. 4953 N. Broadway; 773-878-2253 or

Hon Kee's Congee with Pork and Preserved Egg: Another Subido recommendation, we thought this supremely comforting bowl of savory rice porridge ($5) was best with extra scallions and a drizzle of soy sauce and chile oil. 1064 W. Argyle St.; 773-878-6650

Patisserie P's Custard Buns: "That is my favorite pastry of all time," says Ryan Poli of Tavernita and Little Market. Don't bother trying the bun ($2) room temperature: Heat it in the oven for five minutes (or ask the bakery to do it if you want to eat on-site), and prepare to swoon. 1050 W. Argyle St.; 773-878-3226 or