Edzo's Burger Shop Redefines Indulgence - Chicago

Edzo's griddled burgers cross city limits

If your New Year's resolution involves more indulgence than restraint, allow us to point you in the direction of a like-minded enterprise: Edzo's Burger Shop.

The lauded Evanston burger joint recently expanded to the city, bringing its griddled burgers and spindle-mixed shakes to a tiny, bright storefront in Lincoln Park.

House-ground burgers come one, two or three patties to the bun ($4, $6 or $8), with optional local-meat upgrades from Slagel Family Farm, Q7 Ranch and, soon, CDK Angus.

"Old fries" ($3.50) is the Edzo's parlance for extra-crispy, dark-fried spuds. They can be ordered with garlic-parsley butter ($4) or draped with beef gravy and giardiniera ($5) in homage to Taylor Street.

A milkshake is half the joy of the meal; here, shakes are spun with vintage spindle mixers. Where a blender aerates, these gently mix, making for a supremely creamy, dense shake ($4). Standard offerings include peanut butter, maple, Nutella and banana; eggnog and spicy Mexican chocolate were recent specials ($5).

As at the Evanston location, Speculoos and The Elvis are by-request shakes, the former made with spiced Belgian cookie spread, the latter with peanut butter, chocolate and banana.

It's certainly a rich, if not auspicious, way to start the New Year.

Edzo's Burger Shop, 2218 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-697-9909 or edzos.com