Bucato And AOC 2.0 Offer 2013 Previews - L.A.

Get a sneak peek of 2013 by eating at these restaurants

In this town, movie trailers are more than a glimpse of what's to come; they're an art form unto themselves.

In step with that truth, two of our favorite chefs have embraced the preview model. Each is currently offering tastes of dishes that will be served in restaurants opening in 2013. Prophecy never tasted so good.

Bucato: When this Culver City pasta project was delayed, its chef, Evan Funke, turned to the streets. He and his cooks are rolling around the city in a food truck, serving the porchetta that he developed for his opening menu, but in sandwich form. Each roll is stuffed with heartily seasoned pork loin, lard-whipped pesto, pork cracklings and arugula. Grab one now; you can track the truck's whereabouts via Twitter. Once the restaurant opens in January, the truck will be abandoned. 

AOC 2.0: Suzanne Goin is moving her beloved wine bar to a new location, and the old space shutters on New Year's Eve. Say good-bye to the original room while eating a few of the dishes that Goin and chef de cuisine Lauren Herman have been trying out for the new menu, such as roasted root vegetables with burrata and soppressata, or lamb tagine with couscous and tamarind prunes.