The Urban Oven Pizza Truck - L.A.

Adding spark to the Mobile Movement

Scott Tremonti started stoking the flames aboard his new wood-fired pizza truck, The Urban Oven, just when it was beginning to look like Angelenos might be losing interest in the mobile culinary movement.

Tremonti first became inspired by pizza while living near Phoenix's famed Pizzeria Bianco. He and his wife are from SoCal and saw the need for more wood-fired pizza back home, so they eventually launched The Urban Oven in L.A.

The five-pizza menu changes weekly, and might include options as pedestrian as margherita ($10) or pepperoni ($10), along with playful riffs like the Mole Poblano ($10), which touts mozzarella, mole ?salumi and poblano peppers, rather than the complex sauce from Puebla, Mexico. Tremonti also graces some pizzas with fresh-made fennel sausage and Calabrian chiles.

Tremonti first looked to Pizzeria Bianco's chef, Chris Bianco, for guidance, and has since been working on developing his own style of dough. Consisting of only flour, kosher salt, yeast and water, his discs have crisper crusts than you'd find in Naples, because he cooks pizzas for three minutes instead of 90 seconds.

Now Tremonti is hoping The Urban Oven stays a different kind of hot.

Urban Oven; 310-956-9679 or