The Butcher's Daughter Nails Health Food - NYC

This Butcher's Daughter knows a thing or two about vegetables

This isn't Heather Tierney and Joya Carlton's first rodeo.

The experienced pair have launched The Butcher's Daughter, and the new Nolita spot is nailing all that's true and good in New York's new healthy-but-delicious realm.

With a comely carapace of white painted brick, blond wood and corner-worthy windows, and a menu of sandwiches, soups, spirited juices and powerhouse smoothies, this savyy Daughter makes us want to move in.

She has us crushing on the smashed avocado on toast ($11). We're sure you've had it at Café Gitane, Iris Café and at your desk for lunch. But Carlton's version uses curry and mustard seeds, a salute to time spent curing pickles at Brooklyn Brine.

To dispose with any notions that the cooking here is merely toddleresque finger food, try the carefully composed "egg" in the breakfast sandwich made from silken tofu, chickpeas and black salt ($8). Carlton is poised to share her Buvette-earned chops with vegetable charcuterie and cheese boards ($16) when a liquor license rolls in.

In the meantime, sip on a coconut yogurt and bee pollen-packed mango lassi ($9) and the lovely raw cacao hot chocolate made with nut milk ($4).

The Butcher's Daughter, 19 Kenmare St. (at Elizabeth St.); 212-219-3434 or