Food Fight - Vote On This Culinary Cage Match

Voting season has only just begun

'Tis the season for heated campaigns and ballot casting–and we're not talking about the Presidential election.

No, our minds are on the great gastronomic wars of our time, and we're asking you to take a stand.

Introducing Food Fight, Tasting Table's culinary cage matches. Each week for the next five weeks, we'll be revealing another battle royal, pitting one food against another in a quest to determine the ultimate victor. We, of course, want your vote.

We're guessing you have opinions about oysters, doughnuts, barbecue, brunch and fried chicken. Want your voice to be heard? Check out each battle, then choose a side and vote!

And on December 11 we'll be bringing 10 Food Fight brawls to life at an event in Brooklyn ($100; get tickets now) benefiting the Food Bank For New York City. There, you'll sample foods from 20 different tasting stations and cast your ballot with cocktail in hand. 

Which, come to think of it, might be a good strategy when watching election returns, too.