Tasting Table Nearby App Makes Sure You Never Have A Bad Meal

Never have a bad meal again

The all-too-common scenario of finding oneself aimlessly wandering in search of a good meal, cocktail, cookie or cup of coffee ought to have disappeared with the advent of smart phones.

Right? Right. Well, we're here to help.

Recently launched, Tasting Table Nearby supplies you with a list of Tasting Table-approved spots, all geo-targeted to your specific location. Accessible from our TT To-Go app and at tastingtable.com/nearby, Nearby recommendations for restaurants, bars, wine shops, bakeries and more are always close at hand, whether you find yourself in Greenwich Village, Miracle Mile or Hollywood.

You can browse the full list of convenient spots, or filter the list for suggestions that are even more targeted to your specifications. Tasting Table Nearby ensures that you'll never again have to suffer through a mediocre meal–at least, not on our watch–again.