GRK Offers Great Lunches In The Financial District

GRK will have you going Greek at lunch

How well does the Financial District's brand-new GRK compete with its chain-restaurant neighbors?

A sandwich and salad that land in hand before you've barely managed to put your wallet back into your bag.

Ordering is simple, a boon for computer-dazed workers: Choose from a pita or a plate, then select from three meats for your "yeeros," as owner George Nikas spells the familiar "gyros": chicken ($7, $10), lamb and beef ($8, $10), or our favorite, pork ($7, $10). Finally, elect a yogurt-based traditional mint, fire-roasted red pepper or basil tzatziki spread for dressing.

What you don't see before the meat is carved quickly into crisp-edged ribbons destined for your plate or pita: A time-intensive sequence of tenderizing, marinating, slicing and layering the meat onto the traditional vertical roasting spits that back the ordering counter.

Look for seasonal yeeros, too, including turkey at Thanksgiving and duck at Christmastime. GRK also has big expansion plans in store already: Expect a Chelsea location in early 2013.

GRK, 111 Fulton St. (at William St.); 212-385-2010 or