October Is The Month For Korean Flavors And Dishes

America's most exciting food has a far-East muse

We're admitted devotees of Korean cuisine.

So nothing has pleased us more than the sudden ubiquity with which Korean ingredients are being used in our favorite restaurants.

Chefs are doctoring French fries with gojuchang (Korean red-pepper paste) and pairing American-style barbecue with Korean pancakes. There's the already ubiquitous Korean taco craze, and the enduring influence of Momofuku's David Chang.

Korean flavors have quietly, steadily become as American as apple pie.

Don't believe us? Then tune in throughout the month as we pay homage to these culinary imports.

To begin, we tapped four of the most influential chefs on the American dining scene and made an outrageous request. We asked them all to collaborate blindly on a recipe, with just one direction: beef.

Danny Bowien started the relay, crafting a Coca Cola-braised beef tongue. Then Dennis Lee picked up the pace, adding pickles, croutons and butter into the mix. Hooni Kim furthered the tongue by grilling and slicing it, and added a refreshing scallion salad. Then Bill Kim rounded things out by assembling the components atop a Korean pancake

Tag. You're it: Get the whole recipe here. Then read about the dynamic chefs behind it, and more on Korean cuisine in America, all month long.