Trencherman's Delicious Brunch Menu

Serious Sunday-morning eats at Trenchermen

It's Monday, which means one thing: Time to start planning what you're going to eat this weekend.

If you like your day to start with a flavor bomb to the face, we suggest you put Trenchermen's Sunday brunch on the calendar.

The Wicker Park restaurant, which launched brunch in late August, is no venue for omelets and pancakes. According to Mike and Pat Sheerin, pig-skin noodles and fried grits are proper ways to greet a weekend morning.

Yes, pig skin: It's steamed until pliant and chewy, and sliced into ribbons that mimic rice noodles on steroids. The dish ($12) is a general nod to pad Thai, with herbs, pickles and a ladle of pork-tamarind-shrimp broth. Popcorn grits ($10) are a gentler start to the day, but no less quirky. The grits are fried until popped and nutty, simmered in milk, and adorned with XO sauce, a poached egg and orange marmalade.

A cinnamon bun ($6) is one of the most familiar morning offerings, and also a requisite. This bun wishes it were a pretzel, with a streusel of ground dried pretzels and sugar tucked inside, and rock sugar that mimics pretzel salt on top.

Ready for the weekend yet?

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