Porsena Extra Bar Serving Delicious Lunch - NYC

Sara Jenkins is one to solve her own problems.

Can't find a good place for clean and craveable lunch food in your neighborhood? No problem, take on Porsena's neighboring space and get to work.

Hello there, Porsena Extra Bar, you lunch counter by day, wine bar by night.

Recent visits revealed that it's perhaps the sweetest (and slimmest) spot in town right now to skip out to lunch, whether by yourself or with a friend huddled over Earl Grey iced tea with lemon simple syrup ($3).

Jenkins swings for the edges of the Mediterranean with an accomplished mezze plate ($10). She plucks prosciutto and melon from Italy and mashes them with France on a baguette filled with Surryano ham and cantaloupe butter ($10).

Don't bring your business lunch here. Come instead to hunker down over a grilled kimcheese ($8), a salad of fennel, radish, orange, red onion, parsley and Aleppo pepper ($8), a bottle of hibiscus-ginger Brooklyn Soda Works ($3) and the Times.

For the kimcheese, Mother-in-Law's kimchi is emulsified with aged cheddar. Piled onto mayo-griddled Japanese Pullman bread, it's your after-school memory taken around the world and back.

Thanks for giving us a reason to play hooky, Sara.

Porsena Extra Bar, 21 E. Seventh St. (between Second and Third aves.); 212-228-4923 or porsena.com