Seven September Recipes To Try Now

Seven new recipes to try right now

Yeah, we're dejectedly pulling out our sweaters too.

But the consolation prize for the shortening days is that we can now turn on our ovens again.

Maybe we'll start with kreplach, chicken-filled dumplings floating in rich broth, a recipe from Noah and Rae Bernamoff, owners of New York's Mile End.

The pork meatballs from Superba Snack Bar in Venice, California, are next on the list. Served with a swipe of grainy mustard or a side of sweet-and-sour peppers, these are primo lunch-box fodder.

For an easy weeknight dinner, we'll be cooking a simple dish of Arctic char and lentils, using last-of-the-season basil to make a flavor-packed basil oil for drizzling over the fish. And on a night when we need a mess-free meal in less than 30 minutes, we'll be baking seafood in a bag.

Though there are fewer long weekends in the fall than in the summer, that won't stop us from baking a batch of biscuits on Saturday morning, or trying our hand at salt-block-cured gravlax to serve any friends who happen to drop by for brunch.

With meals like this, we're happy to leave summer behind.