All Good Things' Amazing Selection - NYC

A Tribeca shop of only good things

When you call your business All Good Things, expectations are raised.

Luckily, this new market in Tribeca delivers.

Though tiny enough to fit inside Eataly's produce section, All Good Things capitalizes on every square inch. Follow our lead for two ways to best take advantage of the market's potential.

DIY: Build a stunning lunch, and, if you supplement it wisely, you'll have leftovers for a bang-up dinner. Start with a loaf of tangy sourdough ($4.50) at the Orwasher's stand. Then snag a dense, chalky round of Crottin de Chavignol goat cheese ($7 each) and a slender stick of fennel-scented Finocchiona sausage ($2) at Cavaniola's, plus a ball of figs wrapped and baked in their own leaves ($14). Top off lunch with a scoop of Blue Marble ice cream's latest flavor: rich, but mildly sweet coconut milk. We won't be surprised if you fall in lust and ask for a hand-packed pint to go.

Eat Out: If cooking isn't your thing, head back to the bar for a small rotating menu, sourced from the neighboring All Good Things fish and produce stand. Chef Ryan Tate oversees both the stand and the bar and will helm the market's forthcoming basement restaurant, Le Restaurant, which also will use ingredients available on-site.

All Good Things, 102 Franklin St. (at Church St.); 212-966-3663 or