Café Spice Dosateria & Lassi Bar Whole Foods Tribeca

Café Spice Dosateria & Lassi Bar doses Tribeca with dosas

Trust us on this one: Pilot yourself through the scrum of Whole Foods Tribeca.

You are not doing so for groceries, but to experience the brand-new Café Spice Dosateria & Lassi Bar.

The Dosateria is the first of its kind in a Whole Foods–grilling, filling and folding made-to-order South Indian-style dosas (that are as cheap as they are tasty and filling) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily.

And this sourdough crêpe batter takes a liking to just about any filling–traditionally Indian or not.

Pick from a rice and lentil blend or whole grain one. Then witness mango fennel chutney get cozy with pulled butter chicken and brie in the All the Raj ($11). The Om Shanti N'Egg wraps Jack cheese, fried eggs, fire-roasted red peppers and avocados together with a sprightly tomato-mustard seed chutney ($10).

Signature chutneys ($5), rose-cardamom rice pudding ($4) and six kinds of yogurt lassis ($4) (one slugged with a lovely blend of chile and avocado) are also on offer.

Good luck deciding which meal to eat your dosa for.

Café Spice Dosateria & Lassi Bar at Whole Foods Tribeca, 270 Greenwich St. (at Warren St.); 212-349-6555 or