Popcorn Takes NYC - Food Trends

A quintessential snack with grown-up flavors

Time to throw those clunky air poppers away. Because three new popcorn purveyors have opened in New York, offering you high-quality, seasonally flavored popcorn. 

Pop Karma: Jean Tsai's vision was simple: to make food that is good for the people and the planet, even as it pleases the biggest snackers. The organic kernels are grown in California, air popped on the Lower East Side, drizzled with organic, local olive oil and graced with such thoughtful flavors as margarita ($5) and white truffle cheddar ($5). 95 Orchard St. (at Broome St.), 917-675-7450 or popkarma.com

Populence: Popcorn was always Maggie Paulus's favored childhood snack. Now she takes heirloom kernels from the tri-state area and kettle pops them at her Greenwich Village shop with a trace of sunflower oil. The bestseller flavors include smoked jalapeño and caramel ($3.50 for small, $5.50 for medium, $7.25 for large). 1 West Eighth St. (at Fifth Ave.), 212-995-9055 or populencenyc.com

Pipcorn: Brother and sister duo, Jen and Jeff, use mini, hulless kernels (the hull is destroyed during the popping, leaving only the crunchy center), which are supposedly easier to digest. Popped with olive oil, their offerings are clean and light, especially the best-selling rosemary version ($4). Available at Smorgasburg or pipsnacks.com