Most Unique Sandwiches In The Country

Antidotes to sandwich fatigue

We use the term sandwich to define pretty much any meal between two slices of bread. But for a category of such breadth, the sandwich world is sure prone to repeating itself.

There will always be a special place in our hearts for the tried and true, but if you're feeling fatigue, read on for antidotes to common sandwich gripes:

Mammoth-size Subs: In Los Angeles, Michael Voltaggio's four-inch sandwiches at Ink.sack solve the dilemma of overstuffed bread breasts. A balanced ratio of filling to bun means that combinations like tuna with miso, chicken liver and tomato, or cold fried chicken with ranch dressing take the spotlight. 

Lunchtime Xenophobia: Sandwiches are a platform for regional cuisine, from pulled pork in North Carolina to cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. But if you're curious about what the rest of the world has to offer, consider Washington, D.C.'s SundeVich. Each sandwich riffs on a different city: We recommend the Cairo, salty with brined vegetables and hummus, and the Kingston, a sweet jerk-chicken trip to Jamaica.

Ho-hum Cold Cuts: We've stood glassy-eyed at the deli counter too many times, staring at plastic-wrapped lobes of meat. Places like Stachowski Market and Deli in Washington, D.C., are changing that, with meats made and cured in-house. At the Fish Tank Truck in San Francisco, meat is booted in favor of seafood, offering crab cakes and a fish sandwich of the day.