The Pig In Washington D.C. Offers Pork-Dominated Menu

The Pig thrives on farm-grown produce

The Pig may be named for the protein that dominates its menu, but the vegetables supporting the pork truly help each dish excel.

The new 14th Street restaurant gets freshly picked produce from the owner's farm in La Plata, and the menu changes constantly to showcase the bounty.

The golden exteriors of fried green tomatoes ($11) barely contain the fruits' tangy juices. The plump slices arrive alongside rabbit confit in a tangle of sautéed Swiss chard.

Crisp pig ears take the place of croutons in a peppery arugula salad ($9) with caramelized onions, seared tomatoes and marrow vinaigrette. Every summer barbecue should include a dish like the grilled pork chop ($11), which serves a meaty, boneless chop over truffle-enhanced corn salad, with pickled chard relish to complement the rich meat.

Pork even makes an unexpected appearance at dessert. The Sundae Bloody Sundae combines scoops of rich, blood-enhanced chocolate ice cream with ginger-whipped cream, a cherry and bacon-peanut brittle ($6.50). And it should go without saying that lard is the secret to the flaky texture of the berry shortcake ($6.50).

The Pig, 1320 14th St. NW (between Rhode Island Ave. and N St.); 202-290-2821 or