Gary & Kit's Nuts From Clif Family Winery

Paired with Gewürtz or straight out of the bag

Save the pretzels for the Miller Lite.

The Clif Family Winery (yes, that Clif) designed a line of fruit and nut mixes a few years ago to serve at its St. Helena tasting room. Now the snacks are starting to appear in San Francisco.

The nuts are quietly organic and largely sourced from California farms. But what we appreciate more is their subtlety–they don't cauterize the taste buds with salt and cheap flavorings.

Among our favorites: The roasted pistachios and almonds with rosemary ($7), designed with Cabernets in mind, deliver no resiny wallop; instead, the herb softly brushes against them.

The newest mix, made for Gewürtztraminer pairings, is the toasted coconut and cashews ($7). Coconut sugar bolsters the sweetness of the coconut flakes, but Balinese salt and a gentle chile heat keep the mix savory. (Tip: Turn the bag upside down and shake it for a few seconds before eating.)

We set out a bowl of the cashews to accompany a pre-dinner Riesling; by the time the bottle was chilled, the nuts had disappeared.

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