America's Best Burger Patties

Our favorite burger blends

The all-American beef patty will always hold sway in the burger world. We're okay with that.

But we're also greedy. So we created our ideal burger blend with beef and pork.

And we're not the only ones bringing the barnyard (and sometimes the entire farm) into our buns. Spots around the country have taken to beefy sidekicks.

Chefs who know that the cow is its own best friend update their chuck roll with bone marrow. This fusion is met with savory add-ons–dehydrated miso at Craigie on Main in Boston and an anchovy mayonnaise at Philadelphia's Kennett.

Getting more umami kick from the beef is a popular trick: The Spice Table in Los Angeles adds shrimp paste and sambal to a short-rib grind for intense depth of flavor.

Everyone loves a burger topped with cheese, so Heirloom Café in San Francisco takes it one step further, grinding beef with Époisses cheese and shallots for a salty, meaty taste that seamlessly blends the conventional patty-topping border.

Calling all condiments, toppings and sides, we welcome you onboard our burger.