Edge Steak & Bar's House-Made Hot Sauce | Miami

Edge Steak & Bar's house-made hot sauce

Miami is plenty excited about the new terrace at Edge Steak & Bar in Brickell.

But when you visit, do not become too entranced with the view, or you risk missing out on the restaurant's superlative house-made hot sauce.

Chef Aaron Brooks grew up in Queensland, Australia, eating pickles and chutneys made by his mother. As soon as he arrived from the Four Seasons in Boston seven months ago, he had his sights set on the terrace garden. Now it blooms with habanero, serrano and poblano chiles.

For an especially fiery and tangy sauce, Brooks pickles habaneros, then purées them with white vinegar, garlic, sugar and orange rind.

At Edge, the wisest guests ask for the hot sauce to accompany their meal, and it is particularly good with the East Coast oysters ($3 each; $1 from 3 to 7 p.m. daily) or the seafood mixto for two ($45). Also look for the hot sauce on the Sunday-brunch Bloody Mary bar.

The pepper bits left from making the hot sauce are dehydrated for the chile powder in Brooks' spice rub. The smoky blend is then dusted on house-made kettle chips, rubbed on steaks and used to rim the BBQ Collins cocktail ($13). Frequent diners know to ask for a bottle of the spice rub with the check.

Edge Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, 1435 Brickell Ave.; 305-381-3190 or edgerestaurant.com