Local's Corner, From Waffles To Caviar | San Francisco

An all-day café takes you from waffles to caviar

Yaron Milgrom and Jake des Voignes, the owners of Local's Corner, have read our minds.

The sophomore project from the duo behind Local: Mission Eatery nails it, morning, noon and night.

The corner space is well-suited to morning, when the sun shines through the windows, and freshly squeezed tangelo juice ($4) and soft-poached eggs with brioche soldiers ($5) ease your wake-up. The waffle ($10), its arrival heralded by a yeasty aroma, is a similarly fine way to begin a day.

Local's Corner is open straight through from breakfast until dinner, and oysters are a welcome constant. In the open kitchen–which, it bears mentioning, has no range–you'll see des Voignes opening the bivalves to order and removing specks of grit with a paintbrush.

Come 5 p.m., the menu becomes more seafood-centric: In addition to oysters, consider caviar service ($40 for ½ ounce of California osetra) or a delicate salad of Dungeness crab, orange supremes and crisp, fresh peas (pictured; $13).

Round out the selections from the sea with a thirst-quenching salad of Little Gem lettuces, nutty aged goat cheese, radishes and garlic confit ($8), and a white crock of pork rillettes to smear on toasts of house-made bread ($13).

Local's Corner, 2500 Bryant St. (at 23rd St.); 415-800-7945 or localscornersf.com