Mother's Day Gift Guide

Twelve routes to Mother's Day success

No single gift can thank a mother sufficiently.

But jasmine-scented chocolate, rose-hued Champagne coupes and a multicolored assortment of Turkish spices are certainly good ways to start.

Find these and more in our Mother's Day Gift Guide. Our selection of a dozen picks has an offering for every mom.

Does she love spending a day in the kitchen? We have a baking set with a retro feel and a beautiful compendium of fruit-focused inspiration. For the stylish entertainer, there are stunning, colorful new glasses to clink–and a few unusual beverages to serve in them, too.

For mothers with a taste for adventure, you'll find an ancient wellness drink from Yemen, an inspired version of an Indonesian toast-topper, and nuts dressed in a globe-trotting array of unexpected flavors. 

And there's no need for flowers this year: Get her beautifully wrapped chocolates scented with lavender, geranium and orange blossom instead.

The best gift of all, we think, will be showing her that she raised you to have impeccable taste.