Taboonette & Tortaria Breakfast | Union Square, New York

Two new spots for breakfast sandwiches

We love our corner deli's standard-issue bacon-egg-and-cheese on a roll.

But two new spots are drawing us in with their morning-time upgrades. And, handily, both are within striking distance of Union Square–creating a perfectly portable open-air meal.

Taboonette: This is the fast-casual baby sister of Hell's Kitchen's Taboon. Anytime is right for breakfast pita, which is served all day. Find eggplant, tahini and pickled mango in the sabeech pita (pictured; $6) and dabs of labaneh and chopped salad bound with za'atar, olive oil and a runny egg in the Israeli ($4.95). Heap on the verdant skhug, a hot sauce of cilantro, garlic and jalapeño and Serrano peppers. 30 E. 13th St. (at University Pl.); 212-510-7881 or

Tortaria: This lively spot wants to be your neighborhood bodega, if your bodega supplied you with made-to-order guacamole ($2.53) and dang-fine horchata ($3). On weekends, pick up a griddled breakfast torta. Served on semolina bread from Parisi Bakery, the sandwich comes stuffed with scrambled eggs, avocado, sharp pickled red onions, black-bean spread and skirt steak (pictured; $8.73) or chorizo, griddle-fried potatoes, pickled chipotles and poblano peppers ($7.81). 94 University Pl. (at E. 12th); 212-776-1830 or