New World Mall Food Court | Flushing, New York

It's a brave new world at New World Mall

Flushing has long been known for its maze-like underground food stalls. But now there's an easier-to-navigate spot: New World Mall. Mere steps away from the 7 train, the giant shopping center boasts a brightly lit food court in the lower level. Here are a few of our favorite finds culled from nearly 30 stalls–and each pick costs less than $10.

Tianjin Foods: Snag a heaping plate of pan-fried pork and scallion dumplings with a vinegary dipping sauce (10 for $5.99). Or try the deluxe scallion pancake ($3.50); dipped in egg, it's fried to golden, fluffy perfection.

Lanzhou Handmade Noodle: Stand in awe as the acrobatic chefs at this noodle-soup stall deftly spin hulking balls of dough into bouncy, silky strands. The lamb-hand-pulled-noodle soup ($6) comes with bok choy and tender hunks of meat in a deeply savory broth.

SnoPo: For dessert, order the oddly named "Romantic Snowy Ice" ($7 to $8), a sweet mountain of what can only be described as icy cotton candy. It comes in such flavors as "Asian Queen" (lychee) and "Snow White" (milk), with toppings from green-tea Jello to crushed cookies.

New World Mall Food Court, 4021 Main St. (lower level; main entrance on Roosevelt Ave.), Flushing, Queens; 718-353-0551 or