Panuozzo Hits The New York Pizza Scene | New York

Meet pizza's cousin, the panuozzo

The newest addition to New York's overcrowded pizza scene is the stocky panuozzo. The method: Bake pizza dough until charred, slice lengthwise and stuff with a panoply of fillings. It's pizza's more portable cousin, and we have a handy guide to its appearance at four new spots.

Don Antonio by Starita: Neapolitan pizza royalty Antonio Starita and Kesté's Roberto Caporuscio helm this Hell's Kitchen restaurant. Their volcanic-soil-and-stone oven makes nimble work of lunch-only panini, including the salami and triple cheese Materdei ($9).

La Montanara: Master pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani's Lower East Side spot is devoted almost solely to the how-could-it-not-be-popular fried pizza. But don't miss the final menu item–the porchetta pizza sandwich ($10).

Via Tribunali: Hailing from Seattle, this pizza joint has quickly settled in on the Lower East Side. Heaped with a salad's worth of toppings, the Via Tribunali ($18) is not technically a panuozzo, but it's on our list because of its sheer tastiness and crafty rectangular fold.