Ina's Comfort Food | West Loop, Chicago

Two decades of Heavenly Hots

Before Randolph Street was hot and before comfort food was cool, there was Ina's.

Ina Pinkney first opened her breakfast restaurant in 1991, after a decade running a wholesale bakery famed, in part, for its Blobbs. In 2001, she moved to West Randolph Street, and has been a neighborhood bastion for the past 11 years.

Pinkney's silky Heavenly Hots (pictured; $9.29) have been on the menu since opening day, and are revelatory. Made with sour cream and a bit of flour and potato starch, they're like blinis for the breakfast set. Scrapple ($9.79) is another standard, with cheddar cheese, black beans and corn suspended in spiced cornmeal.

Pinkney's vegetable frittata ($10) has its charming quirks too, packed with cream cheese and spaghetti. Brisket hash is a newer addition; potatoes and smoked meat from Smoque are crowned with poached eggs and served with the barbecue restaurant's sweet, tangy sauce.

Ina's fried chicken has a devoted following, as do her occasional gluten-free versions. Help keep the tradition alive by signing up now for the next gluten-free fried chicken dinner, on April 20.

Ina's, 1235 W. Randolph St.; 312-226-8227 or