Evernote Food: New Food App

Remember your meals with Evernote Food

No matter how delicious a meal is, it's hard to retain the details unless we write them down.

But a new app from Evernote, the digital equivalent of a note taker and organizer, has promised to end our culinary amnesia.

Called Evernote Food, the app is organized around snapping images on an iPhone and tagging them to a specific meal. For those diligent enough to take on the task, the app makes space for creating captions on the fly, so you can record the details of your meal in real time.

The uses stretch beyond basic food-porn documentation; we used Evernote Food to remember bottles of wine that we tried (and where we tried them) and to document new recipes as we made them and tweaked them over time. It can even work as a tool for tracking dining expenses: Simply snap photos of receipts.

Evernote Food removes the hassle of carrying around one of many journals (beer, recipes) that have proliferated. But the app still has room for improvement. Our biggest complaint: The app syncs with any compatible device, but a user can only edit entries in his phone.

Move over gingko biloba, there's a new tool in town.