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A journal for your drinking exploits

Across the country, these are boon times for drinking craft beer: Coffee-flavored stouts and freshly hopped ales are now as commonplace as Bud.

But with this abundance of quality beer, a new problem has emerged: Remembering all the great brews we drank last night.

To help eliminate any cognitive gaps, Portland, Oregon-based home-brewing and "extreme eating" collective BS Brewing recently released 33 Beers, a pocket-size beer journal and your ticket to total taste recall.

Unlike a tattered napkin or your clammy palm, this notebook ($4) is ideal for inscribing beer-geek minutiae. With a few scribbles and check marks, you can record a brew's serving vessel, IBU and ABV.

But 33 Beers' genius lies in its flavor wheel. Instead of relying on drinkers to jot down descriptors--ever read your handwriting after downing three beers?--the notebook arranges the most common attributes (floral, malty, sour) in a circle. Plot these characteristics on a scale of 1 to 5, and you'll create a quick visual summary.

Rating a beer will take you a minute; we wish we could say the same about that hangover.


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