Pan De Sal Filipino Bakery | New York City, NY

Pan de Sal gives new life to the slider

When it comes to sandwich bread and rolls, we're fans of everything from sesame-speckled rolls to English muffins.

But no carbohydrate vehicle beats the pan de sal offered at the new eponymous bakery in Gramercy Park.

The diminutive rolls are one of the most cherished foods of the Philippines, and the bakery's owner, Marissa Beck, is churning out delicious renditions based on her family's secret recipe.

Dredged in breadcrumbs, the pillowy rolls strike a harmonious chord of sweet and salty; think Parker House meets Hawaiian sweet bread.

It's common to enjoy pan de sal on their own for breakfast or a snack, but we're partial to them come lunchtime. At Pan de Sal, the rolls ($2.50 each) are stuffed with your choice of three fillings: chicken adobo, in which the shredded meat is given a vinegary tang with soy sauce and botanic notes from herbs, onions and bay leaves; corned beef (imported from the Philippines and mixed with potatoes and tomatoes); or sardines (pan-fried with onions and garlic).

Best of all: Order two and you'll only be out a five-spot.

Pan de Sal, 245 E. 21st St. (at Second Ave.); 212-228-8273 or