Short Cake Cookie Recipe - 12 Days Of Cookies | Tasting Table Kitchen

An opening gift from Short Cake

This month, Tasting Table is sweet on holiday cookies. This is the tenth in our 12-part series, 12 Days of Cookies.

Opening a bakery in one of Los Angeles' historic food institutions requires a bit of deference.

And when the late Amy Pressman's Short Order-adjacent bakery, Short Cake, opened in the Original Farmers Market on Friday, the cashew-butter cookies did just that. The key ingredient comes from Magee's House of Nuts, an operation with roots at 3rd and Fairfax that go as far back as the market itself.

The cashew butter's rich sweetness lends itself particularly well to these chewy, sugar-crusted cookies (click here for the recipe). The flavor isn't as brazen as that of peanut butter cookies, but the subtlety gives them a refinement befitting the holidays. A scattering of salt on top is the only contemporary touch–a reminder that what's simplest is often best.

Our holiday cookie tins are usually devoted to a family history of sweets, but this year we're making plenty of space for a cookie evocative of Los Angeles' past and present.

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