Chupacabra Food Truck Review | Washington, D.C.

Clothes, holiday lights and building fa├žades are all red and green this time of year.

Some red and green salsas seemed only fitting as an edible way to continue the trend.

The month-old food truck Chupacabra, from the team behind Dangerously Delicious Pies and Sticky Rice, trolls the streets with soft tacos, fiery salsas and warming tortilla soup.

Two tacos make a decent lunch. Start with a short-rib barbacoa taco ($3). Its chile-enhanced guacamole balances the tangy meat, wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. Pollo sofrito ($2.50), with tender shredded chicken, benefits from a spoonful of tomatillo sauce.

Sticky Rice has always offered a wide spread of vegan-friendly eats. Its chef, Matt DiGangi, continues the trend on board the Chupacabra truck. There is always a vegan option, including a recent combination of purple potatoes with a spinach-lentil mash ($2.50) that we recommend spicing with red chipotle salsa.

Bowls of the instantly warming tortilla soup ($4) are another truck mainstay. Bright with tomato, lime and chiles, the spicy, chicken-based soup is tempered by creamy avocado slices and snappy tortilla chips.