Chefs Feed New App

Chefs divulge their favorite eats for you

Chefs rarely have the chance to get out from behind the stove and sit down at the table.

As a result, when chefs tell us about their favorite haunts, we take the suggestions to heart. After all, only a supremely delicious meal could lure them into a restaurant on a night off.

Now, thanks to Chefs Feed, a free new app (click here to download), there's a crib sheet of these professionally picked spots that you can carry in your pocketĀ 

Currently active in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, the app culls the favorite dishes of each city's most beloved chefs. So far, it has led us to perfectly crispy Peking duck in Chicago (a tip from the Bristol's Chris Pandel), crazy chicken parts in Los Angeles (as suggested by Josef Centeno of Lazy Ox Canteen) and a classic chocolate cake in New York (recommended by ABC Kitchen's Dan Kluger).

The app is ideal for travelers, but it's also useful for making long-term dining plans. Chefs Feed allows you to easily track the restaurants you'd like to try; once you've gone, you can remove them from your list by simply tapping the screen.

Want even more suggestions? The app also displays the chefs' Twitter feeds, so you can see where they're eating in real time.