New England Seafood Company Fish Market By Jeff Mazza

A seafood shop with a Massachusetts accent

"Steamahs, chowdah, scah-llops": Jeffrey Mazza describes the offerings at his new Lakeview seafood shop and café, New England Seafood Company Fish Market, with a strong Massachusetts accent.

The seafood case and menu have the same lilt, as they're packed with fish and shellfish flown in daily from the Northeast, where Mazza's family has been in the industry for over 50 years.

Pick up oysters, steamer clams, sea scallops, haddock, cod and more to cook at home. Or, grab a seat at one of the five tables and dig into a lobster-shack-style feast on red-checkered tablecloths.

The family's recipe for clam chowder ($4) is thick and packed with hunks of the briny bivalves. Fried scallops ($14), tender and sweet in their dark-brown breading, come tucked in a basket with lemon and tartar sauce.

Mazza ships split-top rolls from out East and fills them with a generous mound of lobster ($17). Dressed with a scant touch of mayonnaise and sprinkled with a proprietary spice blend, they're one of the more simple and satisfying lobster rolls in town.

For an impromptu weeknight feast, take home a lobster boil ($23), which includes a one-pound Maine lobster, corn, potatoes, drawn butter, chowder and a plastic bib.

New England Seafood Company Fish Market, 3341 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-871-3474 or