Food And Art Exhibitions

You can't touch most museum art, but you can bite into two pieces thanks to a pair of local exhibitions that combine food and art. One dives into a renowned French meal, while the other guesses at food in the future:

Luncheon of the Boating Party: In honor of its 90th anniversary, The Phillips Collection has partnered with iCi Urban Bistro to serve a three-course lunch ($40) and dinner ($60) inspired by a Renoir-era banquet, replete with charcuterie, ham terrines and parsley-rich escargot. Wine plays heavily into the cooking: Eggs poach in a red wine sauce for oeufs en meurette, while hearty coq au vin arrived plumped by its bath in tannic French wine.

Tactile Dinner Car: In homage to the dining cars of yesteryear, Banished? Productions built a sculpture inspired by a Mercedes roadster, which the artists are presenting with a dining experience ($25) inspired by The Futurist Cookbook. The avant-garde meal includes items like Perfected Pizza, a capsule containing typical pizza flavors, and Aerofood, which combines the senses of taste, touch, smell and sound via a dish of olive, fennel and kumquat. Meals are served Friday and Saturday, 9/16 & 9/17, at 6 p.m.