Ink.sak Lunch Restaurant By Chef Michael Voltaggio

Have a cheap lunch with Michael Voltaggio

When Ink opens later this month, diners will have the opportunity to experience one-off, omakase-inspired dinners cooked on the fly by Michael Voltaggio–a singular fine-dining experience bound to put a dent in one's wallet.

At Voltaggio's recently opened sandwich shop, Ink.sack, lunch can be had for only $10.

Despite their diminutive appearance, Voltaggio's sandwiches and snacks are big on flavor. The seemingly straightforward preparations prove that an exciting meal can be based largely on inventive flavor combinations–aided by a touch of technology.

Take the melon spiked with lime and Sriracha ($3) as an example: The sacks are vacuum-sealed, infusing the fruit with a measured dose of slow-burning heat. But with only three ingredients involved, recreating it wouldn't be a daunting task (click here for the recipe). The melon has us considering how to convince our favorite street fruit vendor to trade his chile powder for rooster sauce.

Even when the cooking processes get more NASA-like–the ranch dressing on the cold fried-chicken sandwich ($4) is made by spinning buttermilk in a centrifuge–the technology is applied in pursuit of better flavor. There's nary a superfluous foam garnish in sight.

Ink.sack, 8360 Melrose Ave. #107, Mid-City; 323-651-5866